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Admissions Consulting

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Bright Outlook Consulting is designed to help:

  • Young professionals seeking admission to MBA programs
  • Bachelor students or graduates moving on to Masters or Doctorate programs
  • High School students and their parents with the university application process

Maximize your chances of success by working with an expert. Let us help you shine!

Admissions Consulting in Berlin and online

Admissions Consulting

The application process is complex. As a candidate, it might seem intimidating and opaque. With our experience in the field, we have the insight to help you create your best application package and relieve your pressure.

University consulting with Bright Outlook in Berlin

Bright Outlook Admissions Consulting will help you:

  • Choose the best universities or business schools for your dreams, goals, and individual profile
  • Communicate your story to admissions committees through all of your application materials, including letters of recommendation
  • Articulate your goals, accomplishments, and questions with clarity and confidence, so that you can ace your interviews.

Maximize your chances of acceptance
at your dream school
by working with an expert.

Jennifer Post Dräger

“As a former Admissions Committee member at a US business school, I know what makes an applicant stand out: clear motivation, a compelling story, and the balance between individual achievement and team success. Working together, we can make you a stand-out applicant!”

Jennifer Post Draeger
Founder and Principal of Bright Outlook

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Test Preparation Consulting

Maybe you’d like to study on your own, but you need some help creating a study plan and timeline. Test preparation consulting is for you!

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Start Right package:

A diagnostic practice exam, plus 2 hours of expert consulting to develop a study plan and timeline based on your diagnostic results. We’ll also recommend the best online materials and books for your prep. Available for GMAT, GRE, SAT, and TOEFL.

We offer


Start Right for one exam

includes 2 hours
of consultation


Start Right for two exams

(ie, GMAT and TOEFL), includes 3 hours of consultation


Start Right on hourly basis

Work with us on an hourly basis to plan your prep

College Counseling

The transition from high school to university is a major milestone—for students and parents! It might seem confusing, frustrating, and scary, but it’s also exciting, empowering, and motivating.

Bright Outlook offers dynamic College Counseling that helps students determine their strengths as applicants and carefully consider their hopes and needs for their university experience. We help identify possible fields of study that match each student’s interests and talents, and we provide insight into prospective programs or courses that could be a good fit.

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College Counseling



University Admissions Consulting

When you choose College Counseling combined with University Admissions Consulting, Bright Outlook will guide you through the entire application process, including assistance with essays and interviews.

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