Introducing Bright Outlook: Founder’s message

Jennifer Post Draeger message

I’m excited to launch Bright Outlook as a provider of world-class test preparation, fueled by the energy of the creative and startup scenes in our Berlin home base.

We’re looking forward to helping thousands of students realize important goals through success on critical exams.

How did Bright Outlook evolve?

I’ve always been good at important standardized tests. I like the challenge of a timed test, and I often find them fun. That’s why I started coaching candidates for these exams six years ago – because I enjoy taking students through the maze of these puzzles.

Over my six years of coaching and tutoring hundreds of students for exams, I realized a few things

  • I want to empower students to succeed.  I appreciate their personalities. I admire their determination. I respect their goals.
  • There are more effective methods for these tests than those taught by most prep companies. Their “strategies” are not robust enough. Their practice tests aren’t good simulations of real exams. Instructor training and performance vary widely. Quantity over quality is the emphasis, and I believe that short-changes students.
  • Something key is missing from all the prep I’ve seen. There is a foundational skill that can be cultivated to create strong test-takers: the ability to stay mindful and focused over the course of a multi-hour exam. Without the proper mindset, students can underperform. This hurts many competent and hardworking students. With the proper mindset, students have the ability to apply their skills and strategies at a high level. 

I saw so many students spend excessive amounts of money on test prep that let them down in the crucial hour. When I read about the proven effects of mindfulness training on exam scores, it gave me the spark to create a new method. 

Building on the Best

Employing the most trusted resources, we offer students:

  • SkillsThe ability to calculate more quickly; to know how and when to perform specific calculations; to make inferences as you read— skills you can take with you beyond the exam environment.
  • Strategies: Bright Outlook’s method will give you a solid understanding of how to do well on the exam by viewing it as a whole entity that can be broken down into parts. We help you find your own approach, based on your strengths and knowledge. You will develop your custom strategy to manage your time, by spending more time on some problems and identifying reliable short-cuts with others.
  • MindsetSo many students who have put in the study time feel like they are drowning during the actual exam. In this high pressure situation, you need finely tuned focus and stamina. At Bright Outlook, we give you tools to develop the mindset and maintain the energy needed to bring your best to the exam. You’ll go into the room with confidence that you can succeed.

Skills, strategies, and mindset: our winning combination.

I hope you’ll join us to create your own Bright Outlook.

Bright wishes,

Jennifer Post Draeger of Bright Outlook Global Prep

As an American living in Germany for almost 10 years, I love helping motivated people achieve their educational goals around the world. I am an expert in each test that I teach, and have helped more than 200 students on their way to the world’s top universities and business schools.

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